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    • then give it back這句英文的意思

      A:我要還你錢 B:那就還來吧 沒有損A的意思 B只是把 Then give it back to me. 中的 to me 給省略了 很口語的說法

    • 英文例句 (急件)

      give back = 歸還 It's not mine; I must give it back to the owner. 這個不是我的; 我必須把它歸還原主 give ... a ring = 打電話 Remember to give me...

    • 一句英文問題,解釋

      To whom much is given, much should be given back. 這句裡的兩個much都是代名詞, 各自當子句與主句的主詞用. To whom...