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    • 英文文法怪怪的句子

      ... at school again. to be at school 動詞原形是代表 am 的 be 動詞原形. glad:高興的, 快活的[(+at/about/for/of)][+to-v][+(that)] We're glad that he's got a job...

    • 情緒形容詞後面接的介系詞分別是??

      ...lend you the money . he doesn't need the pills any more , I'm glad about it. amused we were all amused at his stories . he was amused to see how seriously she...

    • 徵求英文翻譯高手幫我翻翻以下句子

      I am glad to hear from you. 很高興能聽到你的消息。 I know the feeling you talk about. 我能了解你所形容的感覺。 I am good at not feeling that, because I am lonely for a long, long time. 我...