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    • 三個單字的英文

      ... my car to trip with my friend. Suddenly, my car was on the blink in the street, . it seemed to me all the sea. I went all out to check and fix my car , . but my friend, he was not care...

    • 請問誰能幫我翻譯?????是英翻中要完整且清楚。

      ...吧你需要個有藍天的假期 20.The point is they laugh at what you say 重點是他們恥笑你所.....) 喔~~假期~~ 22.Sometimes the system goes on the blink 有時候系統就是會失靈 23.And whole thing...

    • 英文文章需要指點修改10點

      ...i then agreed. when i go home, unfortunely,i feel so ...concentrate my attention on driving. Due to my eyes blinking , i bump into a car which was trying to turn left...