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    • 英文詩翻譯(急)

      i saw down creep across the sky, and all the gulls go flying by. 我和成群的海鷗門一起翱翔天際,俯視著地面的行者 i saw the sea put or the dress, of blue and mid-summer loveliness. and heard trees begin...

    • 急急急~~中翻英幾題不會寫需幫助~~~20點

      ... to come along. 4.我想要跟我的家人上船出海。 I would like to go on board by sea with my family. 5.我們想要在堤岸的盡頭釣魚。你會想跟我們來嗎? ...

    • [英文]麻煩翻譯一下!!

      ...動名詞當受詞 上下文: Jane lived near the sea, and she often went down to the beach to sit on the sand. 珍住在海邊,她經常走到海灘坐在沙灘上。 Being by the sea was like being in a different lake . In front of her ...