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    • gone the extra mile?

      先談談比較簡單的第二句。 waters、這裡是解海域。 claimed by both sides,雙方都說是它的。 所以...指聲明讀完後,有記者發問,發言人的補充。 gone the extra mile、的意思是【做了多過應該做...

    • 英文數學問題(幫我翻譯就好了)急急急-20點

      ... turned on fully and that is no change in the rate of flow of water as time goes by - i.e. you have unlimited hot water!! (I wish!!) 假設你家中的浴室是完全封死...

    • 可以幫忙翻譯嗎 感激不儘

      ... 30 minutes later he goes by and sees the boat against the wire and no one around...electrical discharge threw Strauss into the water. 當局指出因電流的衝力, Strauss被彈入湖...