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    go halves with sb. in sth.

    • ph.
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    • 英文片語的中文與例句?

      ...從... 對... 26 separate from 分別於 27 gone with  去與 28 go to a moive 去看電影 29 at home 在家 30 half a hour 半小時 31 heal to 癒合 32 in addition to 除之外 33 in spite of 竟管 34 in time...

    • 徵求英文高手!幫我翻譯一下!

      ... been studying in the U.S. since graduation...boyfriend , Vincent ? Did he go with her, too? 楠西: 那她的男朋友... been married for half a year . 珍妮佛: 沒有. 他們分手了...

    • 創意大發現~泡泡炸彈的翻譯~

      ... clay and make a hole in it with a sharp pencil. 將乒乓球切兩...把球剪開 Fill both halves of the ping pong ball with the...的泡澡炸彈嚕 Keep going until you've used...