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  1. go with

    • ph.
      相合; 同意; 和…為伴; 隨…漂動;與...相配
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    • 1. 相合; 同意; 和…為伴; 隨…漂動 The color of this tie doesn't go with your suit. 這條領帶的顏色與你的西服不相配。 I can't go with you in that. 在這一點上, 我不能同意你的看法。
    • 2. 與...相配 Do you think this hat would go with my new dress? 你覺得這帽子和我的新衣服相配嗎?
    • 3. 與...約會 He goes with the girl every week. 他每週與這位女孩子約會。


    相合; 同意; 和…為伴; 隨…漂動

    • ph.
      包括在某事物中; 附屬於某事物 A new car goes with the job. 獲這份工作還附帶一輛新汽車。 Do the carpet and curtains go with the house? 房價中包括地毯和窗簾嗎?
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      擅自拿走 She's gone off with my book. 她把我的書擅自拿走了。
    • ph.
      繼續做 She went on with her reading after supper. 她吃過晚飯繼續讀書。
    • ph.
      與...意見一致; 贊同某事物 I can't go along with you on that point. 在那一點上我無法同意你的意見。 I don't go along with her views on nuclear disarmament. 我不同意她在核裁軍問題上的看法。
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      成為...的伙伴 She said she would go mates with Bill. 她說她將成為比爾的伙伴。
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    • ph.
      伴隨 Happiness doesn't necessarily go with money. 幸福未必伴隨金錢而來。


    • ph.
      伴隨 Happiness doesn't necessarily go with money. 幸福未必伴隨金錢而來。
    • vt.
      與…相配 white wine goes with fish better than red wine 白葡萄酒配魚要比紅葡萄酒更對味
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