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    • 英文例句不太懂

      ...good for health. 早起有益於健康. = Getting up early does good to one`s health. 早起對人的建康有益. be good for xxx : 有益於xxx, 這個good是形容詞. do good to xxx : 對xxx有益, 這個good是名詞...

    • 中文句子翻成英文

      .... 10.節食太久對健康不好。 Being on a diet too long is not good for one's health. 希望幫到 不滿意或有問題請再補充發問

    • 請問英文作文高手們!!! 送20點

      ...that should be in the daily routine, like having a shower, or just eating good food. The results of not caring for one's self health can lead to many disease and disorders. The care for our body...