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    for one's good

    • ph.
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    • ph.
      較量, 競爭, 對抗 They may win the game, but we'll give them a good run for their money. 他們即使能贏得這場比賽, 我們也不會讓他們輕易取勝。
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    • for/by+反身代名詞

      for oneself= for one's benefit, for one's own good by oneself= do something alone without do it alone.(你自己獨自準備考試) 當然有時候for oneself =by oneself同表獨自的意義 2013-08-06 10...

    • 英文單字問題~問兩個單字的釋義

      ...Good for'' her中的good for是對…有益的意思This cake is ''good for'' one week.中的good for是指存放的意思,能存放一個星期good for有對…有益;能擔當...

    • 【遊戲】請幫我翻譯,謝謝!:)

      ...will be worth three time as much money on the next level. This is only good for one level. 蒐集者之書;石頭在下一關將具3倍金幣價值,但限用一關。 米白色...