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    enjoy good health

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    • in(或in a) very good health

      ... uncountable. Hence, you shall use: My grandmother is in very good health. 2014-09-11 01:40:27 補充: you might have seen sentence like: Smoking...

    • 英文~幫忙檢查文法

      這是建議寫法: Good health is the foundation for everything. Therefore, success means ...there is something wrong in our body that we start to realize the importance of good health. The best way of maintaining good health is to keep...

    • 幫忙看一下我的英文週記,謝謝

      I have to keep in good health since my age was more than 30 years... become unblanced. 長期下來,我的飲食都失衡了。 Good. For the health reason, I'd been more careful of ...