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    • Paying For Goods And Services

      ... may help you. Good luck! A.=Credit Cards B.=Debit Cards.... The debit card can only be used to pay for goods and services that amount...

    • how to preparea good speech??

      ... can learn to manage money thru using credit cards... then you would agree to let college kids to own credit cards. otherwise, which is usually the case, no. hope this helps, good luck with your speech~~

    • 請協助英文翻譯,如下例

      "That company was a house of cards. " 指的是那公司經營得很糟的 很可能已垮啦! 希望不是您碰到的 Good Luck! 這是難遇的語詞ㄜ! 2009-01-09 00:27:23 補充: 樓上的大大譯的接近 只是...