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  1. grass-covered

    • adj.
      (of an area) covered with grass; grassy
    • 釋義


    • 1. (of an area) covered with grass; grassy steep, grass-covered slopes
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    • 這句要怎麼翻譯?

      lay樓上翻譯的很好,但是整句翻譯有誤。 a grass-covered volcano 是用來說明維蘇威火山。所以這句話應該是 "它位在長滿綠草的維蘇威火山山腳下"

    • 英文單字用法

      ...1.國家 In northern countries,all trees and grass are covered with snow in winer.在冬天北方國家的所有草木都覆蓋著雪 2.(某人的)祖國...

    • rangeland和pastureland有什麼不同

      ... think that the difference is that pasture emphasizes an area covered with grass or plants; while range is only an open area. Range - ...