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    • 有關現在完成式時態問題??

      ...所以 2. had I met. 是正解. It__cold since I come back from Hang Kong 1. is 2.has been 3.was 4.will be 答...

    • 請幫我翻譯4題..謝謝

      ...隻新生的羔羊 3She also had a swing hanging from a tree limb. 她也有一個盪鞦韆懸掛在樹幹 ... kept in a building in back of the barn. 豬隻們被放在一座穀倉後面的建築物...

    • 英文的問題

      ... does the name come from? =Have you ever wondered...s better for me to get back to work. =I’d better... this letter. She is hanging a picture on the wall. = She hung...