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    • 高手幫忙改改英文作文!!

      ...all of my classmates to celebrate a special day, my 16th birthday, with me at the Wenta Restaurant. I was very happy, chatting about many things with them. We ate lots of delicious...

    • 請幫我造句(英文形容詞)

      ...那麼高興?) (2) I was happy with that present. (我真開心收到那件禮物。) careful about/of 小心的~ You should...在學生中很受歡迎。) good at 出色的~ She is...

    • 英文回信檢查錯誤,((申請學校回函)),請幫我瞧瞧

      Dear Sir, Thank you for the notification. I am happy about the arrangement and will attend the interview on Thursday 3rd May at 4:40pm. Please send me the invitation letter for visa purpose. Thank...