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    • 洗澡中的英文該怎說?

      Bath = 泡澡 Shower = 沖澡 I am taking a bath (Shower) 我現在在泡澡(沖澡) I am going to take a bath(Shower...

    • 幫我翻譯將中文成英文~~~急啊=d=

      ... the rice can be brought and watered flowers 2.Have a bath with relatively saving water of the shower 3.Water finishing having bathing can be used...

    • 請英文高手~~幫幫忙吧!!

      ...thirty. 過去式2. he didn't have a shower, because he hates water.他...因為他討厭水3. The family had supper at seven o'clock, as usual...晚餐4. Did Jenny have a bath at nine o'clock?用原型動詞 因為...