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    • 徵英文高手!!!20點!!

      I'd like to have a voice chat with you 我想跟你用網路麥克風聊天 I...也可以用下兩句代替 Would you like to have a voice chat with me? 你想跟我用語音交談嗎? 也就是...

    • 關於非洲文章如何翻譯成英文??

      Everybody has a chat about Africa, seem that think of African native, elephant... is the most famous, the goodlooking clothes have followed to can find the food well. 3.Bakau...

    • 幫我中翻英

      ...side is familiar with me, if a friend not overdone, I will have a chat about his basic materials, for example his interest , recreation , family...