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    • 請問 look有什麼相關片語

      ...look to A for B 期待A於B look to the future 考慮未來 look towards...up and down 上下打量某人 look up at 抬起頭看 look up from one's...拜訪look on with 同看,共議look-see, have a look-see 檢查lookout 守衛...

    • 幾題英文問題~ 煩請英文達人幫忙~

      ...smelly milk. 4~ Kerry had a sly (looked ) her mother's old baby.... 5~ Francis (saw ) the antics of the... 'glanced at' the old timetable at the end of...

    • (急件)跪求會話提供,感謝大師

      ... still think you should take a look at our new phones because...very satisfied with that they have to offer. B: Well, Okay, let me have a look and see what the differences ...