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    have control of

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    • 請幫我訂正我作文中的文法

      ...有力) In addition, people are protected due to the fact that it has great control of system. In addition, the advanced system control effectively protects...

    • ”我已經失去控制”的英文怎說?

      ...control這要看你後面是什麼 (控制什麼呢?)* 如果是對事情/物件的控制:- I have lost control of ... (物件) [我已經失去了那件物品的控制]- ... (事情) is already out of...

    • 這句英文有多少地方錯呢?

      A film director must has control over every aspect of a movie. 首先沒有錯 助動詞 must 後頭要接 原形動詞 所以 has 要改成...