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    • 急~中翻英

      ... goods to the customers for the customer voluntarily, and has reached guest's home, he will pour out the old rice in the rice jar first , will pour the new rice into . He will also write down guest...

    • 急~20點誰可以幫我回答這些問題!!並翻成英文喔!!

      1.Do you have a first-aid kit in your home?What's in it?你在你家是否有急救箱? 在...because It's a difficult job and doctors have to spend much time and energy for studying and ...

    • 英文文法問題(home, school)!!

      ...指在自己的家 ,而at one's home 是指在某人之家。 E.g... own home right now. 2. In the school = 在學校範圍裡 at school....g. John is having his Maths lesson in...