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    • 英文:sight、scenery與view

      ...視野】之意無誤,不過通常強調【驚鴻一瞥】的這種短暫視覺,在此語意不合。have a sight of 乃【瞧一瞧】,have a good sight of 翻成中文則會變成【好好地瞧一瞧...

    • out of sight out of mind

      ...例:Ever since I moved, none of my old friends have gotten in touch with me. It's out of sight, out of mind with them, evidently. 2011-06-30 15:43:01 補充: PS...

    • 英文文法修正~ 急 謝謝各位

      ... for 11 years. It's my ambition all the time to have a sight of his back on the court. Even I know it's a long distance forever...