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    • 甚麼叫做七月半鴨,不知死活?

      農曆的七月半正值中元節,需要三牲來祭拜好兄弟,而鴨子又常被當做牲禮祭拜,所以有這個台語的諺語出現 日文:身のほどを知らぬ 英文:to act recklessly,regardless of danger,heedless of consequences

    • 小飛俠英文版心得報告

      ... on his merry way, crowing with delight at his invincibility, heedless of the number of feminine hearts that he is breaking meanwhile...

    • 要形容說謊的英文

      1. People sometimes tell more lies on top of a little white lie for concealment. 2. How does a person get himself off the hook when a heedless white lie is told? 【暗示】 Well, the harder you try...