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  1. hit the bottle

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    • 1. 【口】經常酗酒 After she died he began to hit the bottle. 她死之後, 他開始酗酒。
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    • ph.


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    • 關於一個男人的誠信 中翻英

      希望能妳幫上你 CHARLIE hits the bottle night life rot, Have once xu after liquor ba have heart disease with pneumonic wife...

    • 幫助翻譯攤位游戲玩法

      ...player can get stamped chop, and will have two chances in each case for hitting the wrong bottle.

    • 請問一下 pop the cork ...

      ...可能就飛漲。美金最小單位是一分"cent"俗稱penny,所以這句裏pick up the last penny就是說達到預期的意思。) 你不會在一瓶酒還沒熟成之前就開瓶而飲...