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    • 英文hold的用法

      ...明晚為止。) C. 繼續抵抗、不放棄 We managed to hold out for three days against the enemy. ( 我們奮力抵抗敵人不退卻達三日之久。) D. 堅持某...

    • hold off中文翻譯是?

      ...吃光,我們就得離開。 2.The nation’s troops cannot hold out much longer against the superior forces of the enemy. 面對敵軍武力優勢,那個國家的軍隊已經...

    • [一夫當關.萬夫莫敵]的英文怎麼說

      一夫當關.萬夫莫敵One man can hold out against ten thousandHold a key position single-handedlyDefend a key position single-handedly