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    in a little while

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    • 徵小故事20點 急

      ...2008-03-04 12:16:22 補充: He ran up the steps. Then in a little while Paul heard him coming back, but he was not...

    • you go to eBaumsworld? i'll l

      三句都是口語~所以沒有什麼文法 你要去eBaumsworld 嗎? 我等一下會去看一下球賽 (in a little ==> 等一下) 現在在吃早餐

    • little.small ~??

      little ---1.small in size or amount   2.young   3. not much or enough1. 小的;小巧可愛的The little dog followed the boy everywhere...2. 短暫的[B]Let's rest a little while.讓我稍許休息一會兒。3. 幼小的...