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    • 介系詞怎麼分啊介系詞怎麼分啊

      ...spring 在春天。 In two months 在兩個月內;過兩個月後。 In those days 在當時。 In a few days 幾天以後,幾天之內。 In a moment [an instant, a minute] 立刻,馬上。 The...

    • 英文作業的燈謎 急需 求幫解答 國+英

      ...? teapot What happens once in a minute,twice in a moment,and never in a thousand years? the letter "m...many side does a house have? there are two sides: inside and outside What is...

    • 關於just now 的用法

      .... 過去式=>"正"當(just as)The doctor will be with you in just a minute/moment/second (= very soon). 未來式=>僅..只It's just after/past/UK ALSO...