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    in an instant

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    • instant 、rapid、prompt都有迅速快速的意思

      ...immidiately. 立刻、馬上. 例如: He answered the teacher's question in an instant.(他立即回答了老 師的問題) Rapid: (當形容詞時)快的...

    • 說時遲那時快

      In an instant, the rain began pouring down. 如何?

    • instant 、rapid、prompt其中有何差別?

      instant a. (形容詞 adjective) 立即的,即刻的 The telegram asked for an instant reply. 這封電報要求立即回覆。 緊迫的,迫切的;迫在眉睫的 The flood victims were in instant need of help. 水災難民急需救助。 (食品)速食的;即溶的 He often...