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    • 麻煩一下.英翻中(急)謝謝!

      我非常悲傷讀到這個消息 . 謝謝您的關心 . 事實上我現在非常的繁忙 . 我的手機號碼是 080-50xx-xxxx. 如果您在日本有需要的話可以來電給我 . 我希望您的身體健康 .

    • in conditions to 是什麼意思?

      ...of) condition - in a fit (or unfit) physical state. (指狀態) 2.) on condition that - with the stipulation that... proposal was (in conditions) to be ...指天候條件,但沒有modifier (in good/bad conditions), 所以...

    • 急~ 有關Fitness的英文翻譯 ~ 20點~~

      ...culture fitness等 1.Define the wellness? your body is in good condition without any illness. 2.Define the physical fitness? you have to take care of your health like doing physical ...