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    • 問英文片語的意思~

      ...可用一寫強調字再型成一片語, 這是英文常見的現象. 前: in next to no time, in less than no time 後: in no time at all, in no time flat 2006-12-04 10:41:07 補充: think 除當動詞亦可...

    • 有關Time的片語有哪些 ?

      in jig time[美口]馬上, 迅速地 in (less than) no time (=in next to no time)轉眼工夫, 立刻 in one's own time (=on one's own good time)在有空的時候 in one's time在某人...

    • 有人可以幫我翻譯英文嗎?20點全給!

      ... nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what...complain of the shortness of time,and yet have much more than... either spent in doing nothing to the...act as though there would be no end to them. ...