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    in next to no time

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    • 問英文片語的意思~

      ...time. 我們快到家了, 轉眼就到。 in no time at all / in next to no time 立刻, 馬上〔尤指快得令人吃驚〕 = very quickly or soon... doctor says I'm going to have to take it easy for a few weeks. 醫生說...

    • 有關Time的片語有哪些 ?

      ...馬上, 迅速地 in (less than) no time (=in next to no time)轉眼工夫, 立刻...time等待良机 from time to time有時;偶爾;時常 have no time for沒時間做(某事) in no time (at all)立刻...

    • 英文的變化填空

      ...however, was just right.So, Goldilocks lay down.And in next to no time, she fell asleep. 第三頁 After a while, the three bears ...