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    • the different among the words

      ...的事。境況; 境遇; 經濟狀況[P]They have been living in reduced circumstances since John lost his job.約翰失業後, 他們一直生活拮据。細節; 詳情...

    • 幫忙中翻英,要口語的(拒絕線上翻譯軟體)

      The economic circumstance in my family is not rich. In my school life... in gas station and beverage shop in my leisure time to reduce my family’s burden, and enriched my ...

    • 拜託拜託~!幫我翻譯~10點!急件!!不要翻翻譯網站~

      ...consciousness of original cultural identity is reduced or lost. 但是,同化並不全然表示...消失的。 Competition theory, in fact, suggests that, as cultural...acculturation process seeks to assure-a circumstance of increasing concern in ...