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    • 關於英文自傳,請大家幫我一下~~(贈20壓)

      ...sister and grandmother, my father works in the container company, individual character of him very optimistic, is it stand up...make great efforts now, help oneself in the future. 2006-09-16 17:22:41 補充: 上面是第四...

    • write a letter to my favourite

      ...i was very like you to do my favourite book character , the character of you in this book was so good , i like you so much , because...........i know you have some...

    • 如果把中國古代的詩詞翻譯成英文會如何?

      ...yet the poems don't translate well. Translate a word,passage,poem in the characters of a different language or system;eg:-English words into Chinese...