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    in the past

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    • only in the past decade have s

      ... connected with each. 2015-02-24 21:20:58 補充: Only in the past decade have sun-bathers begun to understand the risk of skin cancer ...

    • In the past & in this way.意思

      In the past, it was a sign of royalty or importance. Some African ... an umbrella and walks behind the king or important person.請問 In the past...意思是不是「在過去」in this way 意思是「這個方式」是的, 就是這個意思...

    • 英文文法說明及詞性

      1 only once, in the past ten days had their luck failed ... luck had failed them only once in the past ten days. 或者也可改為 In the past ten days...