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    • Now it's my turn.的NOW是什麼意思?

      Now--adv, --->at the present time; in the present circumstances --->up to now=until now Now 現在 Now it's my turn. 現在 , 輪到我了 .

    • 各種 "情況": situation等等的比較 15點

      ...特定時間、地點綜合所有事情發生的狀況 (即情況)a. in the present situation 在目前的狀況; the economic/political/financial situation...情況b. a win-win situation 雙贏; a no-win situation 雙輸 circumstance (n.) 常以複數表示a. under (in) the circumstances...

    • 小短文的中譯英

      ...在台灣的學生依現在的情勢幾乎都要唸到研究所的才比較容易找工作! The trend in Taiwan is that graduate students are most likely to get...