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    • 請問有人知道「撒驕」的英語如何說嗎??

      ...18 17:09:59 補充: act coquettishly 賣弄風情的 2010-02-18 17:17:44 補充: to ingratiate oneself with; to please; to fawn on; to make up to (when used with a negation) rewarded...

    • 急急急,有關電話詐騙的文章 中翻英

      ...1. Educate and control oneself: Pay attention to the news that...avarice of the human nature、cooperate with the space-time factor with the clever talk and an ingratiating manner、 2006-01-08 01:20:01 補充...

    • HELP!!急啊!英文高手們,誰會翻譯成英文?

      ... both will definitely get along well with each other 對於認識不深的人,也...t really know well, don't try to ingratiate 更不用刻意疏離,只要保持基本的...30 補充: Hence, beside the first impression when we come to contact we a...