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    • 急!!The fish just goes glop.英翻中

      ...substance, esp. of a semiliquid consistency. 3.sentimentality; mawkishness. 所以The fish just goes glop我的推測可能是描述:這隻魚突然變得悶悶不樂這魚頓時變得多愁善感這隻...

    • I just go here to say hi 意思是??

      I just go here to say hi 意思是:我只是來這裡打個招呼的~

    • [中翻英] ”你可以去找他”?

      JUST GO TO HIM 沒錯 If you have any problem, just go to him..., he is the one who handle these issue. If you like to have fun, just go to him, he knows each and every party where and when.