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  1. just now

    • ph.
      剛才; 即刻;現在; 目前; 現階段
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    • 1. 剛才; 即刻 I met him just now in the hall as I came in. 剛才我進來時在大廳裡遇到了他。 They will start just now. 他們即將動身。
    • 2. 現在; 目前; 現階段 Business is good just now. 目前生意不錯。 The director is meeting his guest just now. Call him some time this afternoon. 主任正在會客, 下午再找時間打電話來吧。


    剛才; 即刻

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    • ph.
      剛才 She arrived just now. 她剛到。


    • ph.
      剛才 She arrived just now. 她剛到。
    • ph.


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    • 關於just now 的用法

      just now 據字典上解釋 可用於現在式 過去式及未來式... Dictionary Online:just now:1 a very short time ago:=>剛才;剛才完成式如果可以又是什麼意思呢 just表達的為一個離現在非常近之時間點...意思...

    • just now 在問句中的用法???

      Did you feel the earthquake just now ? Did you just now feel the earthquake ? 哪個用法才對呢? 正確用法還是... did you feel the earthquake? 回答: I felt the earthquake just now. 供你參考!

    • 急需Just / Just now / now的用法整合

      ... now eating lunch. just (注意:just的位置必須放在一般動詞之前) 1. just = now (現在正進行的動作):用現在進行式 A: Where are you, ...