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    • 我的媽媽的英文作文~急

      ...是一個家庭主婦.My mother is a housewife,她xx歲She is about XX years old.寫她的外貌...Mum has a long,curly hair.媽媽有一把又長又鬈髮的頭髮.she's very kind and keep us well-groomed.她很人慈和把我們照料得無微不至的.we love mum...

    • 英文演講稿~my favorite animal

      ... would like to share with you all about my favorite animal. My favorite... the Pomeranian I keep at my home called but actually a ture friend. My mum and dad were so busy. They...

    • 中文翻英文 [急]

      ... study and not to worry too much about her. Even though I... session in the afternoon, I kept down my nervousness and called... father told me, mum has just finished the...