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  1. keep quiet about sth.

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    • 1. 對某事物緘默不語 I've decided to resign but I'd prefer you to keep quiet about it. 我已決定辭職, 你先別聲張。
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    • 為什麼英文常加一些up?

      ...本來有說鎖螺絲釘的可能, 而screwed up就一定是搞砸的意思 keep quiet about it是說"別跟任何人說這件事" keep it quiet是說"別讓它發出聲音...

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      ... sense of modesty, the trick is keeping quiet and allowing someone else to show off for ...into tears after only a few harsh words about our character or achievements, it may...

    • about America slang 1

      1.抓狂,發怒 If you keep annoying me, I am about to blow my top. 2.閉嘴 3.大部分 You have the lion's share of the profit. Why are you still not satisfied?