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  1. keep sb. sweet

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    • 1. 【口】討好某人 I have to keep my boss sweet because I need to ask for a rise. 我得跟老板套套近乎, 因為我惦著提升呢。



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    • keep it real 算是黑話嗎?

      Keep it real. (坦白說) *屬於黑話* Hottie 可人兒;可愛的少女 Ice 鑽石 I gotta jet...某事膽怯或臨陣脫逃 (chicken out or wimp out)的人 Skank 討厭、粗鄙的人 Spiffy OK! Sweet 酷斃了 Talk to the hand, because the face ain't listening 我不想聽你講 (講這句英文...

    • 寫好的謝卡,請高手們幫忙改一下.希望能更感人一點.

      ..., and now I am going to leave, I will always keep the sweet memory with me. Hope to see you in Taiwan in the future. ...

    • 請幫我把以下內容中翻英 謝謝!!

      ...and Taiwan till now. So hard, so tied, though, We have kept the sweet feeling of happiness all the time. I went there for you, and so...