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    • 3.誰能幫我翻譯這篇英文文章呢??謝謝內~~

      ...that the mugger will keep walking when you knock on the door, and if you give him a few minutes to pass you by, he probably won't come back. 最重要的就是當你在敲門時,歹徒會繼續往...

    • 一些英文文法問題求解

      ...into someone's house, I probably will step on a pile of shit at front door. 沒有指定誰家的門...讚讚讚! 2012-10-10 12:51:14 補充: (You) try knocking at the back door you 被省略,這裡指的是一般大眾,並沒有...

    • 請問可以幫我把一些博物館驚魂夜的句子翻成英文嗎

      ... on the back, Larry was almost knocked over. 11. 然後泰迪騎馬回到了他的展示台... taken by surprise and took a few steps back. 15. 泰迪大笑。『嚇到你了吧,孩子...