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    • 請幫忙解答一需英文句子小問題

      ... keep up. 你話說這麼快我都無法跟上你的速度 04. Zidan's knocked rival player Marco Materazzi to the ground over an insult.此句的 over 翻成中文是? 詞性為何?Over可以翻成 關於...

    • 英文疑難雜症!

      ...cage. 就可去掉一個逗點 4. Buck charges, but is soon knocked to the ground. 逗點後主詞省略的條件需要兩個主詞是同一個主詞 有時輕易去掉一個主詞會...

    • (徵求英文翻譯高手)急急急急急!!20點!!.翻譯高手請進

      ..., shooting out balls in a high frequency, in turn knocking Snoopy to the ground, losing his balance. Act Two: Woodstock...