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  1. know ... by sight

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    • 1. 與...只是面熟 I know her only by sight. 我跟她只是面熟。
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    • 狄克森片語 超急!!!!!

      L.21 get lost迷路 hold still靜止 know someone by sight僅識其面 something/nothing the matter有問題/沒問題 bring... off情況較好 be well off富有 take someone by surprise使某人驚訝 be named after依...命名 put...

    • 請求英文片造句翻譯

      ... can't keep pace with you, please slow down. 我跟不上你 , 慢一點 9.know sb by sight 熟悉某人臉孔 I know every students by sight though I ...

    • 狄克森片語(非常急~拜託~) fool around 嬉戲 to hold up 持槍搶劫 to set fire to -to set on fire 放火 to know by sight 曾經見過 to get lost 迷路