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    • Why women easily lose control?

      ...2, poorly brought up. . 3, poorly educated. . 4, ignorant. . 5, lack of intelligence . It's said that another motives are like those; 1...

    • 請問more than後面可以擺動詞嗎?

      ...any 'verb' right after 'more than'.... however, here, this sentence means her intelligence compensates her lack of experience by a great deal(a whole lot). it does not really compare anything.

    • 請幫我翻譯以下兩句英文,謝謝 !

      ...正確 以現在的零件材質, 以及油類的品質而言 3000英哩都嫌太早 If the lack of a formal education were inhibiting to natural intelligence, schools would be the most popular places to be. 如果缺少正式教育...