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  1. lady's fingers

    • ph.
      = okra
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    • 請問v開頭的英文單字 屬於交通工具的有那幾個單字呢?

      ...雙輪車 voiture 輕便馬車;輕便敞篷汽車 L開頭蔬菜類的: lacinato 無頭甘藍 lady's finger 黃秋葵,秋葵,食香槿,羊角豆 land cress 美國山芥,春山芥 laver 紫菜 ...

    • First Moon Party

      ... want to type something at will", or "I like to exercise my fingers". Thanks Kookie for sharing the articles or video...

    • 意思不同的英文合起來的一個字

      ...some+one=someone any+thing=anything news+stand news+paper pig+tail lady+bug lady+finger milk+shake hand+bag no+where him+self there's lots and lots and lots!!!! 這邊很多