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    • 薄荷口香糖很涼的英文

      ... 在此可以省略) The cool and refreshing taste of having peppermint flavored gum. 吃薄荷口香糖... can't talk to you right now. I (be) will be late for work. I can't talk to you right now. I...

    • 兩句話不知道怎麼翻才好(英→中)

      The morning air off the Mojave in late winter is as clean and crisp as you'll ever breathe in Los Angeles County. It carries the taste of promise on it. When it starts blowing in like that I...

    • 高一英 文的幾個問題

      ...為啥後面是接 Ving ? 還是說在這裡用動名詞?? tasting tomatoes 為 [that 受詞子句的] 主詞 (動名詞) 2... had better go now, or you'll be late. 最好馬上出發,否則可能會遲到。 4. 5. 問題不明白...