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    • 急!!A clean, well-lighted place

      ...about lonely old men who have no warm, welcoming place to be when darkness falls. The cities... as a way to deny the quiet desperation which can lead them to an even more abrupt self-destruction. The...

    • 科學題(須具備基本英語能力者)

      這是計算題吧... 四顆球,放到原本裝有20力方公分水的量筒裡,結果水位上升到34立方公分;這就表示四顆球佔了14立方公分的體積,所以14除以4,答案是3.5立方公分~...

    • 煩請達人指導eta/etd

      ... firms learned how to reduce lead time by 75-95% while still reducing costs...the time taken to deliver when a PO is placed是比較合理的寫法 2013-08-05 19:23:33 補充: 字典裡...