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    • unfinished sentences ! HELP

      .... 8. When I am at home alone, I...procrastinate and leave things undone. 9. If I were five years...

    • 請幫我看一下文法, 檢查是否正確

      ...that I do it correctly and completely. I try my best not to leave anything I do unfinished. My weakness, to be honest, I just finish my military service, so ...

    • 請問句中的engaged是什麼用法及詞性?

      ...是離開的意思,並不是下面這種"使某人事物保持在某種狀態"的句型:leave + 受詞 + 受詞補語(V-ing/Vpp/Adj.)He left his job unfinished.(unfinished修飾his job; 表示他的工作未完成)如果是這種句型的話,...