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    • let onlet out一樣嗎?

      ... at the prospect, but didn't let on. b. to pretend: They let on that they didn't care about not being invited, but I could tell that they were hurt...

    • Let’s be logical about 的解釋?

      有幾項請參考我的想法 1. Let's be logical about our discussion. 讓我們理智一點來討論事情。 3... would be more logical for both of us to agree on this prerequisite condition. 同意這項必要條件對我們雙方來說...

    • 幫忙我英翻中1. so lets stop emails

      1. so lets stop emails and just talk on the phone OK? please call me from now, you have... happened to be the person people like to write to about this.. don't know why 2. (世界上)就是有那麼多的人希望...