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    • 判別五大句型

      1.The last person in the room turned off the computers and lights . S+Vt + O 2.The excited little boy waited happily by the door. S+Vi 3.Andrew's ...

    • 請教3題英文~~~拜託了

      ... in my pocket. Don’t laugh at that little boy, Tom.為何這裡要用介係詞at呢? 因為laugh at 是... 不要嘲笑那小男孩 There ___ trash in this room. Please____.【(1)are many(2)is...

    • 英文文法sound的用法

      ... beautiful. 2) "Junior" SOUNDS very much like a little boy's name. n. (名詞 noun) 聲音,響聲;【物】聲[U][C] We heard sounds of laughter from the next room. 我們聽到隔壁房間傳來的陣陣笑聲。 喧鬧聲[C] The sounds...