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    • be動詞為什麼要加ing

      ...這是進行式 如He is sleeping. The little girl is dancing. He is teaching in Room 101 this period. 2.或許你在問being這個字 它可能出現在be + being...

    • 2~3分鐘英文演講稿

      ... once a little girl called Anastasia... in a dismal little room in the attic and was... her little bag onto the and her dismal room at the attic. 2007-12-08...

    • 灑尿英文怎寫?

      ... need to go to the powder room. (for women) * I need to go to the little girl's room. (for women) 也可以說﹕(比較不文雅) * I need to pee. * I need...